Our Podiatrist's Gill Renouf and Karan Reay
are both registered with the Health Care Professionals 
Council.  The HCPC is the regulating body for many 
health professionals

The Chiropody service is the treatment that most people
require, a session will last around 20-40 minutes.
At the initial consultation the therapist will take your personal
 details, medical information and will discuss any problems or
concerns you may have, they will then tend to your feet.  The
 nails will be trimmed and filed, any callus or corns will be
 treated, and if appropriate a relaxing foot massage will
complete the treatment.
Any advice required will be given and if necessary a treatment
 plan will be agreed upon, including any return appointments,
or a programme of regular treatment.

Initial consultation and treatment £34
Subsequent treatments £29.50
Subsequent treatments for over 65's £24.50
Nail Surgery from £265.00.